A Massachusetts Air National Guard F-15 (File photo/Wikimedia)

A Massachusetts Air National Guard F-15 (File photo/Wikimedia)

Media outlets are reporting that an F-15C “Eagle” out of the Massachusetts Air National Guard has crashed in Deerfield, Va. this morning.

According to a statement from the Virginia State Police, police located a crash site, with heavy smoke showing from the side of a mountain. Officials were trying to reach the site around 11 a.m. EDT.

Witnesses told police they heard a loud explosion short before 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

NBC News reported that the plan was headed from Massachusetts to New Orleans for a systems upgrade.

The F-15C has a stellar performance record in service to the United States Air Force and ANG squadrons.

The F-15 is likely out of the 104th Fighter Wing, a unit of the Massachusetts ANG stationed at Barnes Air National Guard Base. It is typically under state control unless activated to federal service under the U.S. Air Force Combat Command.

The Wing currently has 20 F-15’s under its command.