It’s not snakes on a plane. It’s bees on top of a plane.

A Delta commuter flight that was about to take off from Pittsburgh to New York had to be delayed after a swarm of bees gathered on the wing and refused to leave.

The loaded flight sat on the tarmac as a beekeeper was called in to gather them up. It’s against the law to kill honeybees, as they are a protected species.

“They were getting ready to fuel and they came around the corner of the plane and right there on the wing is a cluster of honeybees,” master beekeeper Stephen Repasky told KDKA-2 news. β€œIt was a shocker to a lot of people.”

Apparently, bees are a regular problem at Pittsburgh International Airport. In May, about 30,000 landed on a taxiway light and had to be removed.

A swarm of bees is created when the queen of a massive colony that has grown too large leaves the colony and takes about half of her bees with her.