The Green Mountain Boys will be busy this weekend. This is from the Vermont Air National Guard:

The Vermont Air National Guard will conduct flying operations and ground-based military exercises on Saturday at their Burlington International Airport Base. Exercises will simulate military attacks on the Base and will assess the unit’s ability to survive under attack circumstances. No live ammunition will be used in the exercise but some gunfire may be heard in the area of the Base.

The flying schedule will include multiple F-16 launches on Saturday beginning after 8 a.m. and concluding when the last aircraft return to the Burlington International Airport around 4 p.m. During periods of aircraft operations the Vermont Air Guard will be using a public address system that might be heard outside of the base perimeter. There will be no scheduled flying operations on Sunday.

The ground based exercises are scheduled to begin around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and are expected to terminate just after 3 p.m. The exercises are designed to simulate conditions that might be experienced in a wartime environment, and will include colored smoke, public address system announcements and multiple small ground burst simulator explosions that simulate mortar round explosions. The ground bursts may be heard in the general area around the Burlington Airport.

For further information, please contact Lt Col Jeff Rector at 802-660-5291.