Congratulations to Austrian Felix Baumgartner for his successful sensational stratospheric supersonic skydive!

The weather was perfect for the launch, with Baumgartner’s family from Austria traveling to Roswell, New Mexico, to watch the historic event engineered by the Red Bull Stratos mission.

Inflating the ballon with helium, the launch, ascent, jump, free fall skydive, and parachute landing took about 3 hours start to finish. Whereas the free fall skydrive portion took approximately 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Baumgartner sets several records:

  1. First human to break the sound barrier, to exceed the speed of sound outside of a plane. Speed of sound rated at MACH 1.24.
  2. Achieved fastest speed in a skydive at reaching 1,342.8 KM/Hour (834.38 mph).
  3. Highest ascent in a balloon, reaching 128,176 feet – 39KM, over 24 miles.
  4. Highest altitude for a skydive, jumping at 128,176 feet – 39KM, over 24 miles.
Freefall at the beginning is like falling into a vacuum

Freefall at the beginning is like falling into a vacuum

More Story highlights:

  • The weather on October 14 cooperated with necessary conditions for a perfect launch, ascent, and landing.
  • Felix ascended about 8,000 feet higher than originally expected.
  • Joe Kittinger, Retired USAF Colonel, who set the 1960 record for skydive from the highest altitude (at 19 miles) was the sole person from Mission Xontrol talking to Felix Baumgartner during the mission. He helped Felix with his checklist, reminders, and keeping him alert. Kittinger retains the world record for the longest time for skydive freefall at 4 minutes 26 seconds.
  • For much of the ascent the heat on the face mask was not working, which caused concern about available options to protect Baumgartner’s face on descent. However, as Baumgartner approached the highest altitude the heat in the mask began to work.
  • Baumgartner’s family from Austria watched in suspense as Baumgartner ascended, and with pride and relief as he skydived down.
See the story in pictures below. Or to view a slideshow, click here. See also the article from October 13, SUPERSONIC SKYDIVE BY “FEARLESS FELIX”


These pictures are screenshots from the Red Bull live broadcast on October 14, 2012. Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos mission was broadcast at Watch Red Bull Stratos for rebroadcasts or see the Red Bull Youtube channel at